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Fly fishing bait Silkworm chrysalis – Nhộng Tằm

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Fishing experience Silkworm chrysalis , wich is easy to find on topwater , used as fishing bait to catch most kinds of fish , especially big fish Very good...

Cheap catfish bait – Mồi câu cá trê rẻ tiền (25)

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Fishing experience Catfish Bait 1- Earthworms on fish hooks 2- Stale rice as bait lure Stale rice mixed with soil taken at the water's edge where catfish...

Fishing at Flamingo Resort Dai Lai – Câu cá tại Flamingo Đại Lải Resort

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Fishing at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort - Vinh Phuc V N When you rent a room. Fishing on the lake here is free, waiters, maid Fishing fishing equipment will brin...

Dragonfly Larvae – Fly Fishing Bait – Mồi câu cá – Con Ăn Mày

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Fishing experience Dragonfly Larvae - Fly Fishing Bait This creature has a very long life cycle, in water from seven to nine years, it is powerful predator...

How to install Shrimp on the hook beam – Cách dùng mồi Tôm câu Lục

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Fishing experience How to install shrimp on the hook beam Cách dùng mồi tôm câu lục : Khi dùng mồi tôm , nhiều người quen bóc vỏ cho thêm phần quyến rũ . ...

Carp bait – Mồi câu cá chép Bổ dưỡng (78)

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Bait for carp Recipe: 1 - Dry Bread: 500 gr 2 - Boiled sweet Potatoes: 200 gr 3 - Boieds Duck Embryos or Embryonic Chicken : Two Three things grind, mix...

Freshwater Fish Bait-Boiled Eggs – Trứng Luộc câu cá

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Bait - Freshwater Fish - Boiled Eggs Recipe: 1 - Fresh Bread: 1 kg 2 - Eggs boiled chicken or duck eggs: three Two things grind, mix, used lancer, single...

Bait for Carp & Catfish-Mồi câu cá Chép & Trê

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Bait for Carp & Catfish 1 - Fresh Corn: 300 gr 2 - boiled sweet potatoes: 1 kg 3 - Cheese: 100 gr 4 - sweetened condensed milk: 100 ml Grinding, Mix...

Beetle of Longan tree -fly fishing bait

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Beetle of Longan tree Live bugs on longan tree, tree sap, at an early age, it's very beautiful, constantly changing color, use a good fly fishing. The nativ...

Tying a Caddis Pupae – fly fishing (40)

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How to tie a Caddis Pupae for fly fishing

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