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These hooks may be trapped in the fish body – The Fault of Fishman

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These hooks may be trapped in the fish body - the fault of fishman Những bộ lưỡi câu mắc lại trên thân con cá - Do lỗi của người câu cá Những người hay câu...

Corn Sticky Rice – Carp Bait – Xôi Ngô Câu cá Trôi

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Fishing experience corn Sticky rice This morning fishing, rainy, exhausted fish bait, not the fish. Is there away to bring corn for lunch, before eating, P...

Ron Perch bait – Silkworm pupae – Mồi câu Rô Ron

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Fishing experience Ron Perch bait Silkworm pupae used as fishing bait very good Ron perch Nhộng Tằm dùng làm mồi câu cá rô ron rất tốt Thanks for watching!

Freshwater Fishing Bait – Mồi câu Cá Nước Ngọt

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Fishing Bait , freshwater Fishing How do Crushing small shrimp, mixed with rice, stale rice Lancer used to Feeder fish Use as sardines example, the touch...

Fly fishing bait Silkworm chrysalis – Nhộng Tằm

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Fishing experience Silkworm chrysalis , wich is easy to find on topwater , used as fishing bait to catch most kinds of fish , especially big fish Very good...

Cheap catfish bait – Mồi câu cá trê rẻ tiền (25)

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Fishing experience Catfish Bait 1- Earthworms on fish hooks 2- Stale rice as bait lure Stale rice mixed with soil taken at the water's edge where catfish...

Fishing at Flamingo Resort Dai Lai – Câu cá tại Flamingo Đại Lải Resort

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Fishing at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort - Vinh Phuc V N When you rent a room. Fishing on the lake here is free, waiters, maid Fishing fishing equipment will brin...

Dragonfly Larvae – Fly Fishing Bait – Mồi câu cá – Con Ăn Mày

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Fishing experience Dragonfly Larvae - Fly Fishing Bait This creature has a very long life cycle, in water from seven to nine years, it is powerful predator...

How to install Shrimp on the hook beam – Cách dùng mồi Tôm câu Lục

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Fishing experience How to install shrimp on the hook beam Cách dùng mồi tôm câu lục : Khi dùng mồi tôm , nhiều người quen bóc vỏ cho thêm phần quyến rũ . ...

Carp bait – Mồi câu cá chép Bổ dưỡng (78)

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Bait for carp Recipe: 1 - Dry Bread: 500 gr 2 - Boiled sweet Potatoes: 200 gr 3 - Boieds Duck Embryos or Embryonic Chicken : Two Three things grind, mix...

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