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Carp bait – Mồi câu cá chép Bổ dưỡng (78)

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Bait for carp Recipe: 1 - Dry Bread: 500 gr 2 - Boiled sweet Potatoes: 200 gr 3 - Boieds Duck Embryos or Embryonic Chicken : Two Three things grind, mix...

Freshwater Fish Bait-Boiled Eggs – Trứng Luộc câu cá

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Bait - Freshwater Fish - Boiled Eggs Recipe: 1 - Fresh Bread: 1 kg 2 - Eggs boiled chicken or duck eggs: three Two things grind, mix, used lancer, single...

Bait for Carp & Catfish-Mồi câu cá Chép & Trê

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Bait for Carp & Catfish 1 - Fresh Corn: 300 gr 2 - boiled sweet potatoes: 1 kg 3 - Cheese: 100 gr 4 - sweetened condensed milk: 100 ml Grinding, Mix...

Beetle of Longan tree -fly fishing bait

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Beetle of Longan tree Live bugs on longan tree, tree sap, at an early age, it's very beautiful, constantly changing color, use a good fly fishing. The nativ...

Tying a Caddis Pupae – fly fishing (40)

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How to tie a Caddis Pupae for fly fishing

Combines two types of hooks on a Soft Fishing Lure – Hai loại móc két hợp

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Kết hợp hai loại lưỡi câu trên mồi rê mềm Combines two types of hooks on a Soft Plastic Fishing Lure You may not have ever done this. Try it. I caught th...

Triple hooks for soft lure – Mồi chìm mềm với móc ba lưỡi

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Equipped with triple hooks for soft lure When do the fish hook. You should be careful, very sharp fishing hook, you will negligently injured. Trang bị Mó...

Tilapia bait-Silkworm -(26) Mồi câu cá rô -Con tằm

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Bait for Tilapia - Silkworm Silkworms eat mulberry leaves or silkworm eat cassava leaves, is very good bait for many freshwater fish, especially perch ,Tila...

River Catfish Bait – Mồi câu cá Lăng sông

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Bài mồi của Tran Hai River catfish bait This post Tran Hai your creativity and contribution, very good results Formula and how to do it: 1-The fresh squi...

Catfish bait -(23)Mồi dụ cá trê

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Catfish Bait Are you looking for some rotten eggs, bring many catfish place. Sharps you use multiple puncture holes in the shell, when you remember to bring...

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