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Add bait worms for beam six hook – Link Giun Câu lục

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Fishing experience Add bait worms for beam six hook With tools you can easily put worms on line , attract augment, add three small worms or chopped, in add...

Tools Putting Worms on Fishing Line – Kim mắc mồi Link

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Fishing experience Tools putting worms on fishing line A needle weaving machine is best With a medium-sized needles, you put the needle into the fire ham ...

How Fish Eat – Cách Cá ăn

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how fish eat Predatory fish eat very fast, and accurate Cá săn mồi ăn rất nhanh , và chính xác

Carp bait – Mồi câu cá chép Bổ dưỡng (78)

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Bait for carp Recipe: 1 - Dry Bread: 500 gr 2 - Boiled sweet Potatoes: 200 gr 3 - Boieds Duck Embryos or Embryonic Chicken : Two Three things grind, mix...

How to better stick Bait on the hook – Làm mồi bột bám tốt hơn

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How to better stick Bait on the hook Homemade dough bait to attract the right quality fish, are easily removable and disintegrated on hooks. With a bit of c...

Freshwater Fish Bait-Boiled Eggs – Trứng Luộc câu cá

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Bait - Freshwater Fish - Boiled Eggs Recipe: 1 - Fresh Bread: 1 kg 2 - Eggs boiled chicken or duck eggs: three Two things grind, mix, used lancer, single...

Bait for Carp & Catfish-Mồi câu cá Chép & Trê

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Bait for Carp & Catfish 1 - Fresh Corn: 300 gr 2 - boiled sweet potatoes: 1 kg 3 - Cheese: 100 gr 4 - sweetened condensed milk: 100 ml Grinding, Mix...

Indian Carp bait -Mồi câu cá trôi Ấn(18)

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Indian carp bait Ingredients: 1 - Feed the birds: 300 gr 2 - boiled sweet potatoes: 1kg 3 - Roasted Soybean Meal: 500 gr 4 - Yogurt: 200 ml Four things...

DIY- Fishing bait feeder with a plastic cork – Nạp mồi lancer Mini

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Only use a plastic cork . You make yourself more feeder fish bait small size, convenient, less expensive, less fish bait Tự làm Bộ nạp mồi nhỏ, lancer cho...

Tying Caddis Pupa -(46) Fly fishing

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Fly tying Caddis Pupa

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